西貢村屋 半獨立 私泳特式 簇新雅裝 海景 SPS1963

物業編號 SPS1963
Post ID 61861
建築面積 1400 呎
實用面積 1400 呎
花園面積 1800 sq. ft (租借花園)
天台面積 700 sq. ft
物業狀態 公司股權轉讓形式買賣


西貢村屋 半獨立 私泳特式 簇新雅裝 海景 SPS1963 | 盈嘉置業 | 私泳特式 簇新雅裝 一套兩睡 海景車位

西貢村屋 半獨立 私泳特式 簇新雅裝 海景 SPS1963


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  • Fixed Parking
  • Broadband

Transportation : Che Keng Tuk is located in a noble residential area where driving is a daily necessity

On Foot : 20 minutes to Sai Kung Town 

Driving : To and from different core business centres is convenient and required time estimated is subject to actual traffic conditions:

About 30- 40 minutes to Hong Kong side (multiple route options such as:-)

  • To Tate's Cairn Tunnel Sai Sha Road – East Cross Harbour Tunnel)
  • Via Sai Sha Road to Eagle's Nest Tunnel – West Cross Harbour Tunnel)
  • From Clear Water Bay to Tseung Kwan O Tunnel – East Cross Harbour Tunnel)
  • Via Anderson Road to Tseung Kwan O Tunnel – East Cross Harbour Tunnel)

About 25-30 minutes in Kowloon

About 25-30 minutes in the New Territories

  •   5 minutes direct to " Sai Kung Town "
  • 12 minutes direct to " Marina Cove Shopping Center "
  • 15 minutes direct to " Hang Hau MTR Station "

Bus :

  • (92) Sai Kung City Center to Diamond Hill Bus Terminal (via Diamond Hill MTR Station)
  • (92R) Sai Kung City Centre to Tsim Sha Tsui Pier
  • (94) Sai Kung City Center to Yellowstone Pier
  • (99) Sai Kung City Center to Ma On Shan Heng On Bus Terminal
  • (99R) Sai Kung City Center to University Rail Station
  • (299X) Sai Kung City Centre to Sha Tin City Centre Terminus (via Sha Tin MTR Station)
  • (792M) Sai Kung City Center to Tseung Kwan O MTR Station

Public light bus (partly 24 hours overnight) : Sai Kung Town Center

  • Sai Kung Town to Choi Hung (via Choi Hung MTR Station)
  • Sai Kung Town to Mong Kok (via Choi Hung MTR Station, Kowloon City MTR Station and Mong Kok East MTR Station)
  • Sai Kung Town to Hang Hau MTR Station * Non-24-hour route
  • Sai Kung Town to Po Lam MTR Station * Non-24-hour route
  • Sai Kung Town to Kowloon Bay Telford Garden * Non-24-hour route

* Actually subject to the announcement of the operator *

Sai Kung, Clear Water Bay, Tseung Kwan O, Ma On Shan Shopping Center

Sai Kung

  • Sai Kung Town Center
  • Marina Cove Shopping Center

Clear Water Bay

  • Razor Hill Road Shopping Centre
  • Silverstrand Mart

Tseung Kwan O

  • Tseung Kwan O (Including : East Point City, The Lane, The Gateway, Nan Fung Plaza, Tseung Kwan O Plaza, Tseung Kwan O Center, Popcon, Metro City Center I, II, III) and supermarkets (Including : YATA, Aeon Supermarket, ParknShop, Wellcome Supermarket and banks, various large clothing chain stores, electrical sppliance chain stores, ice-skating rink, Cinema, groceries and etc.
  • Don Don Donki Monterey Place (Open 24 hours)
  • MCL STAR Cinema - (Metro City Phase II)
  • MCL STAR Cinema - (Popcon)
  • Emperor Cinema - (The LOHAS)

Ma On Shan

You can also go to major shopping malls in Ma On Shan (Including : -)

  • Double Bay Plaza
  • Sunshine City
  • Bay Shore Plaza
  • Ma On Shan Centre, etc ..

  • 133 Portofino
  • Berkeley Bay Villa
  • Che Keng Tuk
  • Costa Bello
  • Dragon Villas
  • Giverny
  • Habitat
  • Hebe Villa
  • Hebe's Villas
  • Hing Keng Shek
  • Ho Chung
  • Ho Chung New Village
  • Kai Ham Village
  • Man Sau Sun Tsuen
  • Marina Cove
  • Mok Tse Che
  • Nam Shan
  • Pak Kong Au
  • Pak Kong
  • Pak Kong New Village
  • Pak Wai
  • Park Mediterranean
  • Pak Sha Terrace
  • Po Lo Che New Village
  • Ruby Chalet
  • Ta Ho Tun
  • Tan Cheung
  • The Mediterranean
  • Wong Chuk Shan New Tsuen
  • Venice Villa
  • Villa Chrysanthemum
  • Villa Gold Finch
  • Villa Royale


The company has more than 22 years of professional property agency experience, specializing in the sales and leasing of all types of properties in Sai Kung, Clear Water Bay such as detached houses, village houses, luxurious villas, sea view houses, sea front houses, sea view village houses, duplex flats, shops and new properties in various districts. We also deal with real estates in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Malacca) and the Greater Bay in PRC, etc . , either first-hand and second-hand properties. Our website provides an updated and complete transaction records of luxury homes in the area. For details, please contact us at 24 hours hot-line : (852) 27929099 / (852) 65239099


主要類型 村屋
附加類型 半獨立村屋
花園面積 1800 sq.ft (租借花園)
天台面積 700 sq.ft
陽台 (露台) 1
景觀 海景
客廳 1
飯廳 1
廚房 開放式廚房
套房 1
睡房 2
客厠 1
浴室 2
天台 1
車位 2


儲物室 2
工人房 1


燃氣 石油氣






幼兒園 樂林國際學校 (西貢)
Nord Anglia 國際幼稚園 (西貢)
小學 香港學堂國際學校
中學 香港學堂國際學校
大學 香港科技大學




電話 (香港)
+852 27929099 (24 小時熱線)
電話 (中國)
+86 1546759099 (24 小時熱線)
+852 65239099
+852 55348779
+852 65500880

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