Sai Kung Tai Wan Village SPS2061

Sai Kung Village
Property ID SPS2061
Post ID 168154
Gross Area 1200 Sq Ft
Saleable Area 1200 Sq Ft
Garden Area 200 sq. ft (In-Deed Garden)


Sai Kung Tai Wan Lower Duplex SPS2061 | HOMEPLUS | Nice decorated lower duplex with front yard , partial sea view & close to main road with 1 en-suite + 2 bedrooms

Sai Kung Tai Wan Lower Duplex SPS2061

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Basic Information

Main Type Village House
Additional Type Lower Duplex Village House
Garden 200 sq.ft (In-Deed Garden)
View Open View
Living Rooms 1
Dining Rooms 1
Kitchens Open Kitchen
Ensuite Bedrooms 1
Regular Bedrooms 2
Family Bathrooms 2

Additional Information

Maids Rooms 1

Estate Facilities

Internet Available
Gas LP Gas

Entertainment Facilities

Sports Facilities

Food Facilities


Public Bus Station Available
Public Mini Bus Station Available

Education Facilities

Pre-School Woodland Sai Kung Pre-School
Hong Kong Academy (HKA)
Wu Kai Sha Kindergarden (ESF)
Nord Anglia International Pre-School (Sai Kung)
Primary School Hong Kong Academy (HKA)
Secondary School Hong Kong Academy (HKA)

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Tel (China)
+86 1546759099(24 hours hotline)
+852 65239099
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