Sai Kung – The second-largest area in Hong Kong in terms of landmass, Sai Kung is dubbed the ‘back garden of Hong Kong’, known for its fishing villages, beautiful scenery, hiking trails, beaches and islands, geological formations and low-key lifestyle.

【Back Garden of Hong Kong】Villa | Sai Kung | Tai Mong Tsai Road

【Back Garden of Hong Kong】Presenting Premises in Lobster Bay, Sheung Sze Wan Beach and the surrounding enviorment.  Hope you like it !!!

【Back Garden of Hong Kong】Sai Kung | Hebe Haven | Habitat | Giverny | Ruby Chalet | Villa

【Back Garden of Hong Kong】Sai Kung Country Park | Detached Tranquility | Ancient Volcanic Rocks | Islands in open water | Scattered Houses with open views

【Back Garden of Hong Kong】Clearwater Bay | Country Club | Fairway Vista | Cala D’or | Seacrest Villas

【Back Garden of Hong Kong】 Sai Kung | Greenfield Villa | Jade Villa

【Back Gaarden of Hong Kong Sai Kung】Sai Kung Town | Water Sports | Food Street | Temples | Seafood Restaurants

【Back Garden of Hong Kong】Silverstrand | Villa | Clear Water Bay

【Back Garden of Hong Kong】Kau Sai Chau | Public Golf Course | Sai Kung

【Back Garden of Hong Kong】 Marina Cove | Hebe Haven | Sai Kung

【Back Garden of Hong Kong】 Wong Keng Tei | Sai Kung | Clover Lodge

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