Sai Kung Village House SPS : Indigenous Sai Kung male villager is entitled to build small houses which is governed under small house ordinance.  Along Chuk Yeung Road there are clusters of village houses and villa closest to Sai Kung town such as Shan Liu Village, Ngau Liu, Phoenix Palm Villa and Lung Mei Village; there are also a number of village houses complexes built by one developer with management teams and facilities included examples like Jade Villa, Greenfield Villa and Springfield Villa, those were well planned before built, and each block is neatly arranged and the environment is open and pleasant.  Moneywise these village houses are lower than those under `Villa deed’ yet in better value than regular village houses.  Search one for family use or investment, aim at good value for money, along Sai Sha Road into Tai Mong Tsai Road or Hiramˊs Hwy there are smaller roads into different villages, examples as Kei Ling Ha, Tso Wo Hang, Tsam Chuk Wan, Po Lo Che mid-level such as Nam Shan and Tan Cheung, Che Keng Tuk water front or Hing Keng Shek to find some nice offers.

Locations: Sai Kung Village Clear
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