Clearwater Bay Village House SPC:  Recorded Clearwater Bay village houses in HomePlus are under Small House Policy as those in Sai Kung.  Along the way New Clearwater Bay Road to Tai Au Mun in Clearwater Bay Peninsula is familiar to HK outdoor enthusiastics particularly water sports like scuba diving, canoeing and from time to time dinghy/yacht racings.   A few famous and bigger Village house clusters are Tai Hang Hau, Siu Hang Hau, Sheung Sze Wan Beach and Lung Ha Bay; others are Sheung Yeung, Ha Yeung, Leung Fei Tin, Ng Fei Tin, Mang Kung Uk, Tai Wong Kung and Po Toi O Village.  Clearwater Bay Road in the other end closer to Choi Hung, Kowloon we have Denon Terrace, Tseng Lan Shue, Pak Shek Wo and Tai Po Tsai Village.

Locations: Clear Water Bay Village Clear
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