Sai Kung Mid_Level Sea_View Village_House SPS2509

Sai Kung Village
Property ID SPS2509
Post ID 147089
Sale:$32M Lease:$68K
Gross Area 1750 Sq Ft
Saleable Area 1750 Sq Ft
Garden Area 4000 sq. ft
Roof Top Area 700 sq. ft


Sai Kung Mid_Level Sea_View Village_House SPS2509 | HOMEPLUS | Med-style stone house with big garden, nice decor with high ceiling, 2 big en-suite & many car parks, rare on market.

Sai Kung Mid_Level Sea_View Village_House SPS2509

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Basic Information

Main Type Village House
Additional Type Detached Village House
Garden 4000 sq.ft
Roof Top Area 700 sq.ft
Balcony/ Terrace 1
View Sea View
Living Rooms 1
Dining Rooms 1
Kitchens Open Kitchen
Ensuite Bedrooms 3
Entertainment Rooms 1
Family Bathrooms 2
Car Park 2

Additional Information

Estate Facilities

Internet Available
Gas LP Gas
Gate Private Gate

Entertainment Facilities

Sports Facilities

Food Facilities


Education Facilities

Pre-School Hong Kong Academy (HKA)
Wu Kai Sha Kindergarden (ESF)
Nord Anglia International Pre-School (Sai Kung)
Primary School Hong Kong Academy (HKA)
Secondary School Hong Kong Academy (HKA)

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