Clearwater Bay Balmoral Garden With_Garden CWB2388

Clear Water Bay
Property ID CWB2388
Post ID 124548
Gross Area 1430 Sq Ft
Saleable Area 1081 Sq Ft
Garden Area 531 sq. ft (In-Deed Garden)


Clearwater Bay Balmoral Garden With_Garden CWB2388| HOMEPLUS | Well managed low rise apartment with 1 en-suite + 2 bedrooms, decent condition & close to public transport and supermarket, 2 car parks & communal pool.

Clearwater Bay Balmoral Garden With_Garden CWB2388


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Clear Water Bay, Sai Kung-Balmoral Garden: Property Unit : Storey Unit / Apartment: 24 rooms in total

Roof Top Flat / Apartment : 12 Unit

Gross Area from 1531 feet (sq. Ft.) To 1845 feet (sq. Ft.)
Saleable Area from 1054 feet (sq. Ft.) To 1252 feet (sq. Ft.)
Saleable Area from 987 feet (sq. Ft.) To 1203 feet (sq. Ft.)
The property has 1 leased parking space, (some units have double parking spaces).

Garden Unit / Apartment : 12 Unit

Gross Area from 1371 feet (sq. Ft.) To 1671 feet (sq. Ft.)
Saleable Area from 1038 feet (sq. Ft.) To 1239 feet (sq. Ft.)
Saleable Area from 374 feet (sq. Ft.) To 850 feet (sq. Ft.)
Property with 1 leased parking space.

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Transportation: Clear Water Bay, Sai Kung-Balmoral Garden

Bus :

  • (92)    Sai Kung Town Center to Diamond Hill Station Bus Terminal (via Diamond Hill MTR Station)
  • (92R) Sai Kung Town Center to Tsim Sha Tsui Wharf

Public Light Bus (Some 24 hours overnight) :

  • Downtown Sai Kung Town Centre to Choi Hung (via  MTR Station)
  • Sai Kung Town Centre to Mong Kok (via Choi Hung MTR Station, Kowloon City MTR Station and Mong Kok East MTR Station)
  • Sai Kung Town Centre to Telford Garden, Kowloon Bay * Non-24-hour route

By car :

Travel to and from each district is convenient and fast (subject to actual traffic conditions)

About 20-25 minutes in Hong Kong
About 15-20 minutes in Kowloon
About 25-30 minutes

  •   5 minutes direct to Marina Bay Shopping Center
  • 12 minutes to Sai Kung Town Centre
  • 10 minutes to Hang Hau MTR Station
* Actually subject to the announcement of the operator *

Sai Kung, Clear Water Bay, Tseung Kwan O, Shopping Center

Sai Kung

  • Sai Kung Town Center
  • Marina Cove Shopping Center

Clear Water Bay

  • Razor Hill Road Shopping Centre
  • Silverstrand Mart

Tseung Kwan O

  • Tseung Kwan O (Including : East Point City, The Lane, The Gateway, Nan Fung Plaza, Tseung Kwan O Plaza, Tseung Kwan O Center, Popcon, Metro City Center I, II, III) and supermarkets (Including : YATA, Aeon Supermarket, ParknShop, Wellcome Supermarket and banks, various large clothing chain stores, electrical sppliance chain stores, iceskating rink, Cinema, groceries and etc.
  • Don Don Donki Monterey Place (Open 24 hours)
  • MCL STAR Cinema - (Metro City Phase II)
  • MCL STAR Cinema - (Popcon)
  • Emperor Cinema - (The LOHAS)

Adjacent estates (including villas) are as follows:-

  • Capital Garden (歡泰別墅)
  • Capital Villa (歡景別墅)
  • Celestial Villa (秀麗苑)
  • Clear Water Bay Apartment (清水灣大廈)
  • Clear Water Bay Knoll (清水灣山莊)
  • Cloud Court (雲台)
  • Gold Villa (金苑)
  • Grandview Villa (嘉穎別墅)
  • Green Park (碧翠苑)
  • Greenview Garden (綠怡花園)
  • Hillview Court (曉嵐閣)
  • Kambridge Garden (金碧花園)
  • Las Pinadas (松濤苑)
  • Pak Shek Woo (白石窩)
  • Pik Uk (碧屋)
  • The Green Villa (翠巒小築)


The company has more than 22 years of professional property agency experience, specializing in the sales and leasing of all types of properties in Sai Kung, Clear Water Bay such as detached houses, village houses, luxurious villas, sea view houses, sea front houses, sea view village houses, duplex flats, shops and new properties in various districts . We also deal with real estates in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Malacca) and the Greater Bay in PRC, etc . , either first-hand and second-hand properties. Our website provides an updated and complete transaction records of luxury homes in the area. For details , please contact us at 24 hours hot-line : (852) 27929099 / (852) 65239099

Clearwater Bay Balmoral Garden With_Garden CWB2388

Basic Information

Main Type Low Rise Apartment
Additional Type Managed Low Rise Apartment
Garden 531 sq.ft (In-Deed Garden)
Balcony/ Terrace 1
View Garden View
Living Rooms 1
Dining Rooms 1
Kitchens 1
Ensuite Bedrooms 1
Regular Bedrooms 2
Family Bathrooms 2
Car Park 2
Building Age 1993
Developer Sino Land Co Ltd

Additional Information

Maids Rooms 1

Estate Facilities

Internet Internet/ Broadband
Gas Town Gas
24-hour Security Available
Gate Security Gate

Entertainment Facilities

Sports Facilities

Swimming Pool Communal Facility

Food Facilities


Public Bus Station Available
Public Mini Bus Station Available
24-hour Mini Bus Available

Education Facilities

Pre-School Sunshine House International Pre-school Hong Kong
Woodland Sai Kung Pre-School
Abacus International Kindergarten (ESF)
Hong Kong Academy (HKA)
Nord Anglia International Pre-School (Sai Kung)
Shrewsbury International School
Primary School Clear Water Bay Primary School (ESF)
Good Hope Primary School Cum Kindergarten (Primary Section)
Shrewsbury International School
Secondary School Good Hope School
Cheng Chek Chee Secondary School
Creative Secondary School
University The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

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